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Interview: Your Forever Boutique

My last post was about Your Forever Boutique, the small business that did the lovely invitations for my wedding! (3.5 months and counting baby!) After posting it I decided it would be cool to get to know them more, so here is the interview that I had with them.

Zach and Rachael Rodimel
Tell the world about yourself.
We grew up attending the same church since we were about 6. We both thought the other was pretty annoying/weird until our Junior/Senior years of high school. We started dating in 2007, both moved to West Lafayette to attend Purdue, got engaged in December 2009, and were married in our hometown of Washington, Indiana in July of 2010. We now own a home in West Lafayette, Indiana. Zach works as a Graphic Designer for Purdue University, and Rachael will be graduating from Purdue in May with a nursing degree. We recently added to our family in the form of Bailey, our loved Goldendoodle. We both enjoy kayaking, traveling, spending time outside, and entertaining friends and family.
What is Your Forever Boutique?
Your Forever Boutique, YFB, is a custom stationery company that we run out of our home. Our best selling products are wedding invitations and wedding programs; however, we do invitations and other stationery for all occasions. We pride ourselves in making our stationery custom to each individual, meaning each customer has one-of-a-kind invitations. Although we are a small business with extremely affordable prices, we ensure that your invitations will be of the highest quality.
Where did the inspiration for the name come from?
Actually, after dating for about six months, Zach wrote Rachael a song…titled, “Your Forever.” When we started our business, originally an Etsy shop, we began brainstorming for a catchy name. One thing led to another and before we know it, we had Your Forever Boutique. Listen to “Your Forever” here {}
When did you decide to start Your Forever Boutique?
When we were married in 2010, we designed and created our own wedding stationery. In November of 2010, we had our first customer contact us to ask us where we had ordered our stationery. Upon hearing their interest, we decided, “Hey, we could make their invitations for them to make a little bit of extra cash.” {College newlyweds are kind of broke, you know?} Once we met with them and they decided to use us for their invitations and programs, word spread by mouth. The next thing we knew, Your Forever was started and we had five weddings. The rest is history…
How do both of your talents and skills play into your business?
You know the phrase “opposites attract?” That applies to us as a couple in so many different ways. Zach is a Graphic Designer, so obviously he takes care of all of the custom design work. He is also the organized one, keeping track of all of our deadlines and ensuring we are right on schedule. Since he uses the computer all day, every day for work, he also handles the operational side of things. Rachael is very hands on and the one who envisions the final product. Being a scrapbooker and crafter, she is the one who does a lot of the actual production of the invitations. She’s not quite as organized as Zach, but she does keep track of our inventory and ordering all the supplies we need. Finally, since we are both outgoing, people persons, we love working together to develop our client base, meet with clients, and ensure that our clients are 100% satisfied with their order.

What has been the most surprising benefit to running your business?
Actually, the biggest benefit for us, at times, also serves as one of the biggest negatives. That would be that we are on our own time. There are no set hours, no one boss to answer to, and all the flexibility we could possibly desire!
What advice would you give someone who wanted to build his or her small business?
Start with a clear goal. If you’re starting a business just for the money, then you’re doing it wrong. Next, focus on your customers. A small business is a failing business without a client base. Acknowledge that word of mouth goes a long way and how you treat a client will affect your future clients in some way. Learn your niche in the market and pursue it. You’re not Walmart so don’t try to act like it. In a small business, quality is much more important than quantity.
What has kept you going in sustaining Your Forever Boutique?
We both love what we do. We also love that it allows us to spend time together doing something we enjoy. When business gets busy and overwhelming, it is never just one of us handling it. We both share the load and get to work through it together. Although it has caused some spats working as a married couple, we wouldn’t trade the benefits it has been for our relationship for the world!

Weren't they just precious on their wedding day? This has been one of the most enjoyable couples to work with. If you're a bride and you're looking for a great small business to get your invitations my recommendation for them is very high.

One last question for fun: What's your favorite small business?

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