Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Feature: Your Forever Boutique

This weekend I had the amazing pleasure of going to Lafayette Indiana to see a ballet with my dear friend Bridgette. While I was there I got to pick up the invitations for our wedding. Yay! Our invitations were done by a small business in Lafayette. A couple, Zach and Rachael, started the company when they got married as a way to spend time together and to make some extra money. The way I found out about them was through Bridgette. When I saw their website I knew that they were an excellent choice. As Quenten and I are doing our best to keep our wedding cost down and as their designs were very beautiful, I was completely sold. We had a skype interview a couple months back and the design process went by so quickly. They caught the vision for our wedding in 5 minutes, and I couldn't be happier with the work that they did. I would happily recommend them to any bride who wants a very good and easy process for their invitations.
The detail is so incredible. I love everything that they did!
This is both mine and my fiance's favorite part, the RSVP. When I got the PDF's it looked so good, and they had put some good responses, but Quenten and I are no ordinary pair. I wanted it to be funny and lighthhearted. When I got the email I texted my fiance and asked him for a few good ways to say yes and no; the party soon began (after I had to explain to him, of course, what it was for). We have such nerdy answers! I loved that he wanted to be apart of this process, and I loved that I could make it fun enough for him to want to have a say in what was put on our invites. On the yes side it reads:
You had me at, "Hello"
A thousand time yes! (Pide and Prejudice)
There's gonna be food, right?
We're better friends than I thought.
On the no side it reads:
You were never on my top 8 on myspace.
Saving the Galaxy from the Sith.
Quenching the fires of Mordor.
So long and thanks for all the fish.
If anyone responds with that last one I will call them instantly, whether I know them well or not, and scream 42!!!!!!! (And if you comment that I promise you I will laugh in a boisterous manner as soon as I see it). Cool nerd points if you know all of those references!
Bonus! YourForeverBoutique.com does much more than just wedding invitations. They do parties, showers, programs, and almost anything else that you might need. Pop over to their website and see what you think. Small business is the way to go!
P.S. If you decide to use their awesome services let them know that I referred you and tell all your friends to refer you after you get done with a great experience.

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