Thursday, March 22, 2012


March 12th is always a momentous day in my heart. The day never held much significance until my best friend Mary and I decided that we need an anniversary. Because we couldn't remember a specific day that we became friends we just decided on one around the time that we really started hanging out, so March 12th seemed as good as a day as any. Thus, our Friendaversary was born! This year we are separated so we had to celebrate it a little differently. We sent each other packages full of fun things! YAY!! I love getting mail, especially packages, and most especially a package that I didn't order myself. :)
We sent out the packages and since they both had to travel to opposite ends of the globe it took until yesterday for us to get to open them. We promised each other that we wouldn't open them until we got to skype. It was a very joyous occasion. This post is about that. My gift was a lot of sentimental stuff, while Mary's was all helping me get to know where she is at and what the country she is living in has to offer. (That is always fun for me). She gave me a road map in letter form and I set sail!

This is why snail mail is still fun!

Food from S. Korea. :) There are individually wrapped chocolate chip cookies to make you feel guilty for opening every single one. (I haven't opened one yet). There's her favorite candy bar, which I am saving for a very needed day. There are these cookies that taste like gram crackers dipped in chocolate. Yum. And little honey ginger cookies that are terrific with coffee. (She was very right). She also uses those as a reward for the kids she teaches. :) One of the many reasons why I love her.

This is the hair clip that she gave me which is hand made. Sigh :) She gets me at my heart.

This is one of my favorites. It's a ring and a clock! I'm obsessed with both.

This is the funniest one to me. Apparently in S. Korea they like screen printed shirts with weird american sayings on them. So she sent me this. I just died laughing. She also sent a little blue hat. I love hats :)

This is the fabulous scarf that was in it. It's huge, soft, and pretty. I had to wear it the next day. What type of person would I be if I hadn't? Exactly, the wrong kind.

Our friendship started on a missions trip to Paris, France. This little mug is really precious, because without that trip we wouldn't have gotten to know each other. We stayed in the same room all week and we've been almost inseparable since.

And this is 1000 wan for every year of our friendship. She thinks of the cutest things!

And this is to show you what type of friends we are. Silly ones.

I love you Mary dear and I cannot wait for you to come back to states!
And now that I've shown you one of my friend traditions, what do you do with yours that makes your friendship fun?

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