Sunday, May 22, 2011

Summer of challenges.

I, Heather Lamar, being of sound mind and body on this bright morning of the two and twentieth day of the month of May do hereby decree that this season, that being the season of humidity and heat aslo known as summer, will be a season of new learning and challenges. (Yep. I went there. Boom!)
In all seriousness (not that it can get more serious then our old english, but that was sarcasm so I thought I should clarify), this summer I am presenting to myself some challenges that are mostly for my spiritual well-being than anything else, but there are also some that are physical challenges.

1. Memorize the first chapter of the book of James in its entirety. (Once having that completed keep memorizing other various parts of scripture)

2. Learn to drive a stick shift. But for real, I have to. A woman that goes to the church that i'm an intern at is letting me borrow a car and it is indeed a stick shift. I'm actually excited about this though because with a blessing came an opportunity to learn. That's always the best!

3. Get. In. Shape. Recently when I got this awesome MacBook Pro that is sitting in my lap one of my friends decked it out for me and put P90X on it for my enjoyment and death. I have decided to start it and get back into shape. (I once had a 4 pack and could run 4 miles without stopping. I want to be back in that place).

4. Of course with the get in shape thing comes a couple of other natural steps like: a healthy diet, and a regular sleeping pattern. That last one is going to be tough.

5. Listen to only Christian music. May I be honest? ...Thanks. This one I'm still tossing around a little bit and here is why:
a. I feel no conviction on this issue but I do feel that sometimes secular music is good to give up to help your spiritual man focus on God.
b. Sometimes, ok most of the time, Christian music gets really boring and old, not to mention cheesy.
c. I just really like KT Tunstall and the Beatles. (And I just downloaded 2 more Norah Jones CD's onto my computer!)
d. Well... those are pretty much my reasons.
e. I haven't really felt a leading from God to fast it, I just feel like it would be a good idea. (That last statement, the one right before this parenthesis, basically means that i'll probably do it because I feel it would be beneficial even though it would be hard).

6. Become a more proficient piano player. (Because right now I would not consider myself to be a pianist).

7. Be the best intern ever!

OK... I feel like that's a good start.
These things are all really thought out and I do feel like that most of them are no brainers for someone like me. I just want to give God my all, and sometimes that means sacrifice and seeking betterment. I know i'm not perfect but I really think that I should still try to live my best for God in every way that I can.
These are my goals and the things that I really do want to do over this summer. (With the help of Jesus, because I can't give up music without his help).
What are yours?


Anonymous said...

Memorize scripture, drive a stick shift, work on piano, AND do p90x. Lofty goals, girl! I like it!!

Sarah Childs said...

I love all your goals! I'm gonna work on one of my upcoming blogs to be my goals for the summer. I'm so glad we're following each other. I feel I can express way more, and tell everyone via blog so much easier than in person. Although, it seems less personal at times...

My thoughts:
1. Awesome. I wasn't raise in church and find this to be most difficult. Even with simple verses, I couldn't even imagine memorizing an entire passage, let alone book! James would be a great place to start. :)
2. I can't either... it's on my bucket list though.
3. Lord help us all. lol. I've done P90X a few's not bad if you keep it up. An hour or hour and a half is a lot of time to dedicate, but go for it!
4. It's about a life change, transformation! Not the number on the weight scale, or the size of your pants. Even the skinniest of people eat junk food and aren't healthy.
5. Christian music.....One of my recent notes on fb was about this. I used to listen to rap music before I came to know the Lord, and one day I just threw it all away. Yes, even the Bruno Mars type stuff, or Kesha or Gaga junk. Hardest thing ever, but such a pure decision. However, I do love me some acoustic or piano instrumentals. Even if the song doesn't say "Jesus" doesn't mean it isn't bad. I've wondered WHY I even threw all my old stuff away, but if you solely listen to worship it gets your worship is fake. Well, mine was. And you just sing it to practice singing...not to glorify.
6. Me too!
7. You can do it. :)

I hope this isn't too long...or blabber....apologies.

Heather said...

Sarah i appreciate every comment :) Thank you.