Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Only your best friend

Today was by far a stupendous day. Even though there were a couple of challenges...

First of all I have an announcement: A wonderful woman who attends the church that I am now interning at is letting me borrow a car for the summer, and I believe that I mentioned in an earlier post that I would soon have to learn stick shift for this car.
The time of reckoning has come, yesterday to be exact.
She and I drove around in it for about a half hour and she proceeded to let me drive off with it after filling it with gas first. (Talk about trusting). Thankfully my wonderful boyfriend had given me a crash course in stick several months earlier so it helped not being the absolute first time driving one, however it certainly felt like it.

And for those that are wondering this is the wonderful boyfriend. Credit to my sister in love.

Today was my frist official day of driving that car by myself. It takes about 15 minutes to get from my wonderful host home to the church and I got there in tack and without breaking any laws. *phew*
Pastor Jayeson let me leave at lunch and I proceeded to pull out of the parking lot unaware that the e-break was still up, (and those of you who drive stick shifts are already laughing). When I got onto the road the car completely locked up. And here's how it went down:
Get on road
Car stalls
Stops in trafic
Tell myself to calm down
Try again
Freak out
NIce cop pulls up and helps
Realize problem
Fix problem
Thank Jesus for sending the nice cop
Drive home

It really is an amusing situation, and I guarantee that I will never again forget about my e-break. Experience is quite the teacher.
The rest of the day continued to get better and better.
And right now I am ending my wonderful day with a lovely phone conversation with my best friend, Mary. She and I are watching the Holiday together over the phone and I just drank a capri sun too fast, like I always do.
We've both seen this movie about a million times together, but we have this list called our friendship movies which include:

All photos compliments of Google.

All chick flicks and all funny. (And for those of you who don't recognize the amazing humor and wit in Pride and Prejudice, please watch it again and take a crash course). Half of which have double plots which intertwine, and the other two have a similar situation implied but it's not as obvious. We love to love, or watch love plots unfold... something like that.
Only with your best friend can you have a list of movies that you both watch together so much that they're literally apart of your bonding experience as friends. (Some like to call it a "meet cute." If you don't get the partial reference, because it's not exact, watch The Holiday, you wont be disappointed).
It is quite perfect.
And so is this photo:

Compliments of the lovely Deborah Witt.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE YOU HEATHER! :) (your best friend)

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAhahahah!!!!!!!! The e-brake. Yes, I do recall a simalar experience. Next, try taking off while sitting on an incline with a car and impatient driver RIGHT behind you. Love it! (Qmom)

Heather said...

I love you too Mary and yes it was a funny situation Gin. I have had the second one happen already but I do feel like i'm getting better. Yay for new experiences!

Briggysmalls said...

Yay indeed for nice cops, goober. :]