Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thoughts on tragedy

Recently there has been an absolutely devastating number of tornados in the midwest and other quite random places.
Now tornados have never really been a big deal to me, i've lived through hundreds of them. However, these storms seem to be on a level all their own and people are starting to take notice. (Which may be a good thing for everyone's safety).
These are very horrific events and some of them are hitting very close to home. 1500 missing is a very staggering number for Joplin MO; only 60 miles from my home town.
You know it's bad when the president decides to come visit.

Even for all of these bad events, tragic deaths, and broken homes there is one good thing that I think tragedy produces: community.

When people are forced into the absolute worst situations imaginable they tend to cling to the only thing left, and that is always people. Whether they be people you know or not, when all you have is nothing you still have others.

I am so proud to watch all of these benefits and news reports reaching out their prayers and helping hands to a community that is in pain. When trouble comes we reach out to our neighbors and we give them a helping hand. It's quite beautiful
What would be more beautiful? Doing it all the time.

We were created to live in community with God and with others. God saw that it wasn't good for Adam to be alone so he gave him a companion, Eve. Humanity thrives on being with it's own kind. Yes, some can survive being a hermit and I think we all have contemplated becoming one once or twice, but this isn't how we're wired up.

I pray for a safer world where I can trust my neighbors, where you don't have to walk down the street ignoring every stranger pretending like you're the only one that exists, and where I can smile at every person I see without any one of them questioning my intention or motive. I just love community. Doesn't that seem beautiful?

Well, until then I'll be content with my little community, and the little ones that form in time of great need.

Praying for Joplin and all the other places hit, but mostly praying for the people who are waiting to be found and for the families of those who have lost the ones they love.

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