Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Destin My Love

My current occupation this summer (since I'm not doing summer courses) is as an intern in Crestview Florida under a wonderful music pastor from LifePoint church. It hasn't even been a week yet but I absolutely love this job. Thus far I'm discovering that I'll not only be learning more about music this summer but I'll be learning a little about how to run a coffee shop (which is just fantastic because i'm already hired as a barista in my school's coffee shop), media production, the entire adobe master suite, and well the list goes on and on. This is all very exciting and trust me i'll be writing a ton more about it, but if you know anything about the geography of the panhandle of FL you would know that I am a short drive away from one of the prettiest beaches in the United States, Destin.

All images compliments of Google. (That applies to my previous blog as well.. sorry I blanked on giving credit. Yes I did smack my hand for the mistake).

And, in case you haven't been there, you can now see my excitement (by the by if you have never been there I would highly suggest adding it to the bucket list right now). It is so beautiful here! The water is clear and crisp, the weather is perfect, and I just can't get enough of this beach. Coming to this beach makes me want to read my favorite books. It just has that type of air to it (or take a nap, both sound quite brilliant however if you're going to take a nap I would not suggest going to the beach alone).

Now the one downside to this beach is that it's not a secret. Destin, I'm sad to say, is a tourist trap. Beside the normal signs of the tourism: swimsuit emporiums, outlet malls, and tons of condos your ultimate sign is this:

Oh the dreaded Hard Rock Cafe. I know that some people just love to see them and they go all over the world to do so but if you really think about it the ambiance is non-existent, it's too loud to have a propor conversation, and let's face it no one in their right mind wants to pay $13.95 for a stinking hamburger.
And those are my thoughts on that.

This beach is one of the most wonderful places on earth and my day there was superb. The people that I went with helped a lot too. (I'll post some picture with them after I get it from them, but I forgot my camera today).
And now some pictures just to make you laugh:

It's called the whaling wall. Anyone else just want to die with the pun, because I laugh every time we drive by it.

Number 1. That dog just made me smile, he's just too cute!
Number 2. I. Need. That. Sign.

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