Tuesday, May 17, 2011

People I would love to meet

Have you ever just seen someone and said, "Wow, I bet they're awesome in person?" Well I have a lot of those and here are just a few (in simi-staggering number none the less).

Meet Julian and Sarah Smith. Most of you will know Julian smith from his hilarious videos on youtube or his website Juliansmith.tv but few would know his wife who is a fantastic blogger and a wonderful writer theoneinpink.com. I would love to have coffee with either or both and just get to know them. To me they are fantastic, from a far (because I really can't say for sure).

Meet Charlie McDonnel or as most would recognize him charlieissocoollike. He is my all time favorite vlogger and he is simply real, and British... very British. His quirkiness is by far some of the best i've ever beheld, and although he openly admits on his channel that he is very awkward I would still love to pick his brain (besides awkward people are hilarious and amusing).
And through one of his videos I know what the word "faffing" means. Love.

Meet Kiera Knightly, and meet her especially as her role playing the fabulous Elizabeth Bennet. I would love to meet either. Kiera because she is possibly one of the best actresses of our time, and Elizabeth because she was a woman full of gumption and spunk when women weren't allowed to posses such amazing wit. I don't care that she's fictional she would have been the most interesting woman in all of history I am sure.

Meet Ann Hathaway and more importantly meet her in her role as Jane Austen (Are you seeing a pattern yet?). Although yes I would love to meet the amazing Ms. Hathaway, Jane Austen is far more impressive and wonderful. To write the things that she did and all for her own pure enjoyment is the best thing in the world to a girl like me. She wasn't concerned with fame, just the simple beauty of doing what she loved most and only for her. Beauty can come in no less, of that I am sure.

Meet C.S. Lewis. Not only is he one of the most wonderful authors in all of history, but he was also a brilliant theologian. Every time I pick up a book by Lewis I am utterly inspired to give my all to Jesus Christ in both mind and spirit. His writing has purpose and it is the greatest purpose that any word can every have to proclaim the name of Jesus. I know he's gone, and although I'm against tobacco, I would have loved to sit in this man's presence, smoke a pipe, and have a marvelous chat.

Meet George Harrison. My favorite beatle (his look alike flirted with me once) and a brilliant song writer. He traveled the world over just to learn. That is true inspiration; seeking it out not letting it come to you, (we all know that's not how things normally progress). Granted I wish he hadn't have done all those drugs, maybe he would be here today.

Meet KT Tunstall. She is a brilliant song writer that I cannot get enough of. She writes only what she wants to hear and her sound is so original for it. If I could collaborate a song with anyone I wanted, it would be her.

Meet Yann Tiersen. One of the most wonderful French composers of our time. He has written for many movies including one of my favorites, Amilie (yes it's odd and I don't care keep your war, guts, and horror and I'll keep the artsy ones). I'm in love with the accordion because of this man's compositions.

And there are many more figures that I would love to meet. Whether fictional, historical, political, or just present beings they are all wonderful and note worthy. While all of this is true, there's something that none of these people beat and that is all of the people that I know and adore most. The people that have made me who I am today are the one's that I feel should be at the top of the news and at the beginning of every head line, but we are all faces in a world that barely seems to notice. And that is wonderful because we can take the time to notice each other. There isn't a person in the world that could convince me otherwise. What's better than that, well Jesus and his love that binds us all together.

To my friends and family, you are loved by this girl. You're number 1076 to me :)
Hey since when did numbers define our lives? (Oh, right.... social security... forgot that one).


Jezreel said...

That's a really cool list!

Anonymous said...

U shoulda said u want to have some racist coffee with julian Smith