Saturday, July 20, 2013

St.Louis Part 3: Aleena

Aleena is always good for quotes, this trip was no exception: 

Me: "Unhappy Heathers are the worst type of Heathers." 
Aleena: "NO! 17 year old red-headed cheerleaders are the worst type of Heathers!" 

One morning: "Will you get me ready? Like when you're little and you don't have to get yourself ready?" 

Always hilarious. 

Zoo pictures are coming up in part 4 of what now feels like an infinite series of St.Louis. (I warned you that I took well over 600 photos didn't I)? Aleena was so excited about the baby elephant at the zoo and the cheetah. She is the world traveler of the family and went to Kenya this summer for a missions trip and saw them out in the wild.

We didn't see the baby elephant but we did see a cheetah flaunt himself with a researcher cheering him on right next to us. He was fun to talk to. Aleena was enraptured. So incredible. 

Now for everyone else to be enraptured by the goofiest and most incredible model that is Aleena Visser. 

Seriously. Those high cheek bones, amazing hair, tall frame; I could die. 

Aleena is a fantastic little sister. She very much represents the ideal "baby of the family," and is all the more incredible for it. She is the fun-loving, serious at her studies, going to change the world type of person that everyone should know. I have no doubt that I'll be reading many articles featuring her in my lifetime. 

She is currently working on a Business degree at ORU and has already decided to take another year and go for her masters. She works over 20 hours a week as a waitress, goes to school full-time, maintains an insane GPA (I'll give you a hint: it's perfect), is an Resident Assistant, and doesn't go insane. Don't ask me how she does it, but I am always impressed. 

I can't tell you how thankful I am to be in this ones life. I'm even more thankful that I get to be here permanently and watch her become an even more incredible woman than she already is.

Aleena, you're going to do so much good for the Lord and for humanity as a whole. I can't believe you're only 20, and I know that you'll do so much more in your life then what most people could do in five. I am proud to call you a sister. 

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