Wednesday, July 17, 2013

St.Louis Part 2

During our trip Jenna was the driver/navigator (when my phone wasn't working)/parallel parker extraordinaire. Seriously I saw her do things in her SUV that I would be terrified to do in my itty bitty Kia Rio. Boss.  

I forced all the girls to come and take the photos that I've been sharing because I borrowed a great lens and everything! They were all really awesome about it and Jenna jumped in to be my tester for every new area. She also jumped into taking the camera from me when it came time for me to be in front, which you'll see later. Folks, Jenna has a fantastic eye! All the way back to the hotel I was encouraging her to get a camera! 

Right before this we were shopping and just having an utter blast finishing shopping before the mall closed at 6p because, "Oh yeah, Sunday." 

She's just too lovely. I could die. My sister-in-law Jenna has to be one of the most fun people I've ever met in my life. She was also the most intimidating family member when I started dating Q. I had met her before, but she is pretty protective over her brother and I just didn't know if I would be the one to make the cut. (Like I said she's VERY protective, I don't blame her, Q is an awesome guy). 

When you fit into a family it just works though. (I've never told her but when I finally heard the sweet phrase, "Jenna approves." I did an obnoxious happy dance). Now you know Jenna! 

My favorite things about Jenna include her ability to laugh at anything, it's a Visser thing. Her incredible ease into treating me like a sister, her whit, and her singing. 

I have 2 favorite memories of Jenna: 

1. My first day of meeting the family she stole me and grabbed Aleena (little sis-in-law) for a day in downtown Whitehall Michigan. If you've never been it's so stinkin' cute. We went to a thrift store, it was right before Christmas, and I found this adorable little ceramic kettle and she looked at me and said, "You're going to put that down and pretend you never saw it." Guess what ended up with my name on it under the tree? I pulled it right back on her when she found a bracelet that she loved. When we got back home I made a huge klutz out of myself and fell down the stairs of the house with pizza in hand. I knew that we fit when they didn't freak out, they laughed and then asked me if I was ok. Only the best of friends do it that way!

2. During my wedding she stayed at home with her family and the groomsmen. At the end of every day she pulled me aside, "What do you need done? I'll get the boys to do it."It was like having a second maid of honor and it helped so much during that whole week. I wouldn't have made it through without her. 

Anyone else getting the picture of how amazing this family is? 

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