Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6-6-2011 Videos may be included

First of all the word of the day yesterday was "Picksniffian" (this word makes me love Charles Dickens even more). Picksniffian is basically a different way of saying Pharisaical, therefore you can infer that the term picksniffian is referring to someone who is not humble and who pushes high moral standards or religious beliefs on others. I posted this word on facebook and someone asked me to use it in a sentence (my mom likes to make sure that I know how to use a new word in its proper context, which is very sweet) and I thought it was a pretty good one:
"His picksniffian ways made him the most ignorant and intolerable brute I had ever known."
This was one of the first joys of the day, my birthday.

I had the most imponderable joy of turning the ripe ol' age of 21 yesterday. Yay for the legal right to chose to drink alcohol! It's just too bad that I have no desire to drink. (Literally I really don't, if i'm going to honest I don't have a quarrel with alcohol at all, the only quarrel that I do have is with people who can't drink responsibly and who hurt others physically and emotionally because they're trying to drown out their own problems. Anything that controls you is not worth it. *Heather, get off the soap box*)
Anyway so I didn't have my first drink of alcohol yesterday, and I probably wont, I just don't have a desire for that. Instead I decided that on my birthday I would give myself a birthday present, an iPhone! After I got the mail though and discovered that my mom had put a good chunk of money in my account for me to do something fun with I decided that she really got it for me.
It's so much fun and I have now decided that I am officially a walking apple commercial.
As seen here:

and here:

and here:

and finally here:

And in defense of all of this bounty I would like to say that I have never paid full price for an apple product.
The ipod was refurbished, the ipad was won, the mac was won on a bidding site, and the iphone has been severely reduced since the release of the iphone 4. I am a smart shopper. Nevertheless, it was amazing to complete the family!
And to celebrate the family... :

Other than that Pastor Jayeson and his lovely wife Kimberly convinced me to come over and have a lovely birthday surprise which consisted of a basket full of bubbles, chocolate, and a couple of gift cards plus a sparkly purple bowler hat. The best surprise about it was 2 videos from two of the most lovely people that I know: Mary and Quenten. :)
I came home for dinner with my host home and it was amazing lasagna and my own personal red velvet cake (favorite). The last part about my birthday which is always my favorite is being able to call my big brother Brion. The conversation normally goes like this:
"Hello birthday girl."
"And hello to you birthday guy!"
"How was your day?"
*tell with enthusiasm*
"And how was your day?"
*respond with dryness*
It's quite wonderful. :)

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Briggysmalls said...

Love. The. Video. :]

And I'm glad you had a wonderful day dearest. :]