Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Random Adventurer

Meet my absolutely darling friend Amanda. She is beyond wonderful in every way and she always embraces my crazy antics, probably because I always embrace hers as well.

We have known each other since she was a little freshman in college and have only gotten closer as the years go by. (It really helps that we live in the same city). 

I never knew how much this friendship would really mean to me until she was one of "my girls" when I was a Resident Assistant in college. As an RA I wanted to make an impact on every one of the wonderful women on my hall, but there were just a few who reached back to me. Amanda was one of those girls. It was an honor to earn her respect and her friendship, it's not a gift given lightly and it's one of the things I deeply admire about this girl. 

 She is a learner, includer, adventurer, world changer, and a deeply introverted and lovable old soul. She reaches out to the little odd ducks that not very many people want to reach, it's one of the major ways that we are alike. We're both odd ducks, who reach out to other odd ducks, and take them underneath awkward wing. Fabulous, if you ask me. 

She also has an eye for pictures and anything creative. She took this shot. LOVE. These pictures were a result of 2 hard work days culminating into 1 phone call from me to her, "COME TAKE PICTURES WITH ME! ADVENTURE!!!!!" We drove out of town until the sun was low enough and until we found a field pretty enough. 

 We tried to find the elusive owner of this field to ask permission to take pictures, which included knocking on doors, and more driving around. I refuse to go onto someone's private property without permission. I would like to never experience a gun shot wound if I can help it. 

It was beautiful and a perfect way to have good conversation and de-stress from the work week. Thank God for Amandas who put up with crazy Heathers. 

It was so good that I danced. Here's the pancake, my signature move. 

*Flippin' pancakes, makin' breakfast* 

Amanda, my dear, you are beautiful and amazing. I am beyond thankful for your friendship and everything that it is shifting and transforming into. 


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Anonymous said...

What an absolutely beautiful sky in these photos!