Sunday, March 11, 2012

Precisely 12 days after my last post...

I got engaged to the most wonderful man I have ever met, and I dare say, shall ever meet. (Can you forgive me for not posting about it for... well far too long). It was a magical and wonderful day. I don't think I'll ever be able to forget it.

I began the day with school, which is normal enough, and had several other things to do that day before our date in the evening. So much so, that I didn't even have a chance to think about what I was going to wear until 45 minutes before. (Not exactly a woman's idea of fun). Either way my day was busy, and a few friends helped me get ready, lets just say I had my suspicions. Thankfully my friends Sarah and Tiffany (whom I like to call Schmiffany) were all on board to help me pick an outfit.

Now the reasons that I had my suspicions was due to the well-known fact that my fiance is not a planner at all and he had told me about this date a whole week in advance, not to mention he had been dropping hints for about a month about proposing. (I love that he unintentionally keeps me in the loop). Moving on!

We picked up sushi and went to the Japanese gardens that reside in Springfield and had our dinner there sitting on a rock and we fed the fish wasabi. I'm not sure they liked it, but we had fun. We simply enjoyed ourselves. We walked around and talked and just had a lot of fun. Eventually we saw our friend Michaela and she was with her 2 sisters taking pictures, this I thought nothing about. (I should have, but her sister had schmoozed me earlier, so smart).

If you really pay attention to this photo: He's signaling our photographer. :)

After seeing them, we saw my brother and sister in law, and he really had nothing to do with that, it was an awesome coincidence, especially since they mean so much to us and our relationship.

He took me out on an island that's in the middle of park. He was so sweet, affectionate, and lovely. We went to sit down on a rock and in about 5 seconds he was down on 1 knee with Michaela dashing across the bridge to capture it all. He said too many sweet things for me to count and asked me to be his wife, to which I answered, "Yes!" I just wish I would have had my wits about me enough to say, "A thousand times yes." But all is well that ends well. :)

I can't help but laugh when I'm happy.

My friends bombarded me when I came back to campus, but I didn't answer any of them until I was back. 4 hours without your cell phone when there are a lot of people that he told is hilarious!

My favorite picture

The perfect invitation shot, that also got him out of an official engagement shoot. (He hates pictures).

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