Friday, August 5, 2011

To my 16 followers + Bad Joke Friday

So, I must give an apology, I haven't been bogging very much. It's more an apology to myself I must admit, because well.. it's a good way for me to get on the positive side of my life because I don't like depressing posts therefore, I refuse to write them... 'nough said.
These last couple of weeks have been quite relaxing. I am now home from my summer internship and that was a bittersweet experience. I love the church, I have family there (now), and I miss them all terribly. My Sunday's aren't the same... well any day of the week isn't the same really... It's pronounced misery in french for a reason. (If you didn't get that try a translator).
Since I have been back in my home dizzle I have hung out with a couple of friends, watched almost an entire season of Glee (and other various shows), spent many an hour reading, and I made a papasan cushion. With the amount of free time that I now have that endeavor only took me 3 days, and that was completely by hand. I hate sewing machines. Much like I hate dishwashing machines. MOVING ON!
Anyway so I have this tradition of having a bad joke every Friday which I originally call: Bad Joke Friday... and I haven't been doing a very good job of keeping it up. I'm awesome.

Without further a do: the bad joke:

What did the fisherman say to the street magician?



Pick a cod, any cod!!

I imagine this was the look on his face.

hahaha I love love love bad jokes. They make me smile so much.
Happy Friday!!


Anonymous said...

My thoughts on the bad joke.... The fisherman must have been from Jersey....

Heather said...

Ya know I agree. I like people from Jersey

Jen Stem said...

oh my word! How can you consider this a bad joke? I LOVE jokes like this! More Friday jokes, please! :)

Heather said...

Jen I think i'll be starting that tradition up again. :)